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Recycled Asphalt: Benefits

10 September 2020


Asphalt pavement material, shingles and concrete is reclaimed and often turned into new asphalt pavement.

Recycling asphalt has many economic and environmental advantages. First and foremost, recycling asphalt reduces the amount that is disposed in a landfill. Furthermore, by recycling mineral particles produced during the manufacturing of asphalt pavement helps conserve natural resources. Recycling asphalt reduces the use of a primary fossil fuel, oil. Recycling asphalt requires a reduced amount of new oil.

There are also various economic benefits. By recycling asphalt, you are avoiding the production costs generated by making new asphalt. Recycling asphalt saves energy, materials, and transportation costs. You can recycle asphalt multiple times, making it a high value process.

Surprisingly, the quality of asphalt is greatly improved when recycled pavement is used to create it. This is because the recycled materials offer added minerals and fibers. Recycled pavement provides a stronger, stiffer foundation. It will also be less susceptible to rutting and cracking.


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