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Popular Recyclable Salvaged Goods From Demolition Sites

12 August 2020

The waste produced from Australia’s Construction and Demolition industry (C&D) constitutes 40% of the entirety of waste produced in the entire country. There’s no need for such a large percentage – almost everything torn down during demolition can be reused and repurposed. Better yet – it can be salvaged before the demolition process has even begun.

Fortunately, the Australian government has introduced policies that promote the repurposing of demolished materials to reduce the amount of construction waste that ends up in landfills – and it pays. Recycling is worth it, literally. So, let’s find out what materials are most frequently recycled!


Doors and Windows

The centre to a home – its entry and exit points – of course they’re going to be important. And they usually are. Old wood panel doors are what everyone’s looking for and a lot of old houses still have them. They may need to be adjusted and redecorated but they’re still valuable. What’s important is that they’re not stripped of their hardware – it's unique to their design and irreplaceable.


Hardware & accessories – doorknobs and fireplaces

Leading on from not stripping a door of its main features – it’s important that small details are salvaged. Take glass handles for example nowadays they’re just cheap molded glass but they used to be cut from glass. Also, keep in mind that someone might be in need of a certain type of doorstop, door lock, or window frame.

Studs, Joists, and Beams

Most houses that are up for demolishing are old. What people forget is that they’re also built from old and valuable materials. One-of-a-kind door hinges, never before seen bolts, sturdy beams built from hundred-year-old wood – it’s likely all there. These features are in high demand and would be completely useless in a landfill (like almost everything else.)



Old brick has a tone of appeal to construction businesses. Not only is it cheaper than new brick but it has a vintage look to it that can barely be achieved otherwise – and that look is popular!


Flooring or tiles

It may be incredibly difficult but removing and reusing old tiles is incredibly lucrative. Whether from the ground or the wall – they’re all in demand.


Valuable fixtures.

Vintage is back in style. So, whatever old fireplace, windowsill, bathtub, or old faucet you find could be of value.

Once these goldmine items have been salvaged and collected, it can be tricky to pass them on. GreenHands allows you to do just that and all in the same place. By offering an online marketplace to upload your salvaged goods and construction materials to, GreenHands allows you to recycle your goods into the hands of those who need them.

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