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Can You Recycle Plasterboard?

4 August 2020


Plasterboard, though fantastic for our projects, can be a tricky construction material to dispose of. You’ll rarely spot it piled up alongside other demolition and construction materials in landfills. You’re even less likely to find it in the back of a skip with many skip hire companies even refusing to take it.

Why can’t it be disposed of?

However, plasterboard is entirely safe when used in construction, its outer layer of paper covering poses no problem. Its sturdy inner board of Gypsum is where the problem arises.

Gypsum is composed of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate and tends to give off Hydrogen Sulfide gas if wet. Hydrogen sulfide isn’t only harmful to the environment in the long term but can cause immediate disasters such as explosions of fires.

But it is recyclable!

So, it’s no surprise that there are tight regulations around the disposal of plasterboard. Fortunately, Plasterboard is 100% recyclable meaning that it can be reused in other construction projects without any need for further processing. Recycled Gypsum is useful to patch walls, make cement, and can even be used as drywall. Furthermore, recycling plasterboard can reduce the need to extract raw materials while proving valuable for construction companies.

How can I recycle my plasterboard?

Ultimately, there are numerous advantages to recycling your plasterboard rather than throwing it in the back of a skip. There are both environmental and financial benefits to be gained from recycling plasterboard, not to mention that any construction project with a “green image” generally earns a good reputation. And this is where GreenHands can help you. By providing an online platform on which to buy and sell pre-used construction materials, GreenHands allows you to get your plasterboard out of your hands and into someone’s who needs it! Whether you’re part of the construction/demolition/excavation industry or even just completing your personal project – this low-cost and waste-efficient service will shoulder the brunt of waste disposal so you can focus on building.

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