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Most Difficult C & D Materials to Recycle

25 June 2020

Plastic is one of the toughest C & D materials to recycle. Waste plastic from construction sites is usually generated from offcuts, plastic piping (PVC or PE), window frames and packaging. While PVC and other construction plastics are easy to recycle in their purest form, the process becomes more difficult if the plastic is contaminated. Therefore, older plastics from demolition sites are often too dirty or damaged to recycle.

Glass from construction and demolition sites is difficult to recycle. Glass does not decompose, that is, it would take millions of years for a glass bottle to decompose and disintegrate. Therefore, dumping glass in a landfill is pointless and environmentally hazardous.  Therefore, household glass is typically recycled. While glass cannot usually be readily reused, as with timber, it can be taken to a glass recycling facility to be screened and processed into an end product called cullet which is a crushed glass material. Unfortunately, glass recycling usually only applies to household glass products. Construction glass materials such as Pyrex (heat treated glass), plate glass such as window panes, opaque glass and mirrors should never be recycled. This is because the chemicals on the glass cannot be mixed with household glass bottles/jars etc. Your best bet would be to take it to a reuse station to connect with someone who could reuse the glass, rather than sending it directly to landfill.

So, what can GreenHands do about this?

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