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Properties and Qualities of Timber

11 June 2020

Timber, also referred to as ‘lumber,’ is one of the most versatile construction materials. Timbers are primarily used for structural and foundation purposes. They are chosen for their strength, durability, aesthetic, texture, insulation properties.

Common Australian Timber Types

Australian Beech-Australian beech is one of the most popular Australian hardwoods. It is a pale wood. It adds a natural look to a space.

Bamboo-Bamboo is an exceptionally durable wood, native to China. It is highly moisture resistant. Usually chosen for its soft grain.

Mountain Ash or Eucalyptus regnans-is a yellowy, light browned tone heartwood. It has visible mineral veins and the grain is straight.

Blackbutt- Blackbutt is a dense hardwood with a straight to wavy grain. It is a medium brown-pink toned wood.

Cypress Pine-Is native to Australia. It is a golden-brown tone with a soft, straight grain and tight knots.

Rose Gum-Is a red brown toned wood with a straight grain.

Red Mahogany-Found in Sydney and Northern Queensland, Red Mahogany is a deep red toned wood. It is dense and strong.

Spotted Gum-Grows on Australia’s east coast. It is a tough timber that ranges in tone from cream to brown. It has a wavy grain.

Sydney Blue Gum-is a hardwood found in New South Wales. It has a blue grey bark, with reddish wood and a straight grain.

Why use timber?

Timber offers great insulation. Timber is often used to make doors, window and floors due to its insulation properties. It contains tiny air pockets which retain heat and transfer this heat into a space. Choosing to use timber in your home is an energy efficient option.

Timber has a quick build time. Timber is a flexible material to build with. It can be easily cut and modulated on-site. You will be saving time and building efficiently.

Timber is durable. It has the ability to bear weight and joints. A strong timber does not warp, bend or split easily.

Is timber recyclable?

Timber cuts retain their shape well. Therefore, timbers can be reused for new projects. It can be reshaped or cut to create new products or for new construction purposes.  

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What kind of timber is salvageable?

Some timbers that are salvageable for reuse are pre-made cuts or specifically modulated pieces such as beams, lintels and posts. Timber from furniture, flooring and trim is also easily salvageable. 

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