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Everything You Need to Know About Sand

4 June 2020

What is it?

Sand is a very finely grained material consisting of rock and mineral particles. It is a compound found and collected from deserts, beaches and riverbeds. Sand is a common construction material as it is very versatile and can be used in concrete and masonry production.

What is sand used for? What type of sand do you need?

Concrete Sand- Concrete Sand is a manufactured coarse sand that is used as an aggregate. It is used to mix cement or hot asphalt roads or pool, land surfaces.

Fill Sand-Fill Sand is highly compactable, fine sand which is often used as backfill.

Plaster Sand- Plaster Sand is a screened, fine sand used to create a clean finish across ceilings and walls.

Brick Sand- Brick Sand is a sticky dense sand. It has a high clay content that helps it bind well and is therefore good for bricklaying. Aside from brick laying, sand is also a product used to make bricks. Sand is mixed with other minerals and molded under heat and pressure to create bricks. Unlike red clay bricks, sand bricks are usually gray. 

Paving Sand- Paving Sand is a finer, more compact sand used to provide and even surface for paving.

Is sand recyclable? Can I find sand on GreenHands?

Good news! Sand is recyclable and reusable. Dirty sand can be collected and washed to be reused as fill or as an aggregate. It can be crushed to create cement paste or clay to make bricks. You can find sand suppliers on GreenHands. Use the GreenHands platform to match with a builder who wants the sand you are excavating, or match with a fill site that accepts it! 

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