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Everything You Need to Know About Aggregate

2 June 2020

What is aggregate?

The word ‘aggregate’ is used to describe mineral-based materials such as sand, rock, stone, gravel, soil.  Construction aggregate is a composite material that is often mixed with a binding agent to make products like concrete, mortar or asphalt. Aggregates are usually coarse, fine-medium grained materials.

What is aggregate used for?

Aggregate is an essential construction material. It is used to build volume and provide stability. Construction aggregates are used to fill holes, level out surface area, build roads and footpaths. It is a highly sought-after and mined material. Civil and construction sites will often have crushers and screens to create the perfect aggregate material.

Can I find aggregate on GreenHands?

Aggregate is one of the most recycled products in the construction industry. It is also one of the most advertised and wanted materials on the GreenHands platform! If you are looking to fill in surface or land irregularities in excavation or provide a solid base for a building project, GreenHands has plenty of suppliers close to your civil or construction site that has recycled aggregates for you to choose from. Perhaps you are preparing for a construction project and you need a temporary road laid, use a recycled aggregate from the GreenHands platform!

Aggregate is a highly circulated material, meaning that there is always someone trying to dispose of it and there is always someone trying to find aggregate!  Typically, excess aggregate is dumped in a landfill after it is finished with. This is damaging for the environment, and a waste of a perfectly good product.

Recycled aggregate can be mixed with freshly mined, virgin aggregate to create a new fill for a new product! GreenHands provides a waste minimization and cost-efficient option for the construction/excavation/demolition industries. Recycle your used aggregate by uploading an image onto the GreenHands platform and seeing if there is someone who would like to reuse the product for their construction project! You will be saving yourself transport costs and tip fees, and also doing your part to save the environment! Simple.

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