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Are You Correctly Disposing of Your C & D Waste?

21 November 2019

Are You Correctly Disposing of Your C & D Waste?

The disposal of construction and demolition waste needs to be carried out lawfully or you could be at risk of penalisation. The following tips are based on the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) document titled, ‘Construction and Demolition Waste: An Owner’s Guide to Lawful Disposal’ (August 2019).

Who is this information for?

  • Procurement officers
  • Construction project managers
  • Waste disposal contractors
  • On-site contractors 

Who is responsible for lawful disposal of C & D waste?

  • Owner/producer of the waste
  • Waste transporter/contractor

Know where your waste is going

  • Familiarise yourself with waste transportation systems and procedures
  • Where is your waste going?
  • What type of waste are you disposing of?
  • Is the waste facility legally permitted to receive your waste?
  • Do they have an ABN, do they have an EPA license?
  • Obtain the correct documentation such as development consent and/or environment protection licence of the receival site-this is almost always a requirement for a waste facility.

Set your expectations with your waste transporters and contractors

  • What are your conditions for entering into business with your waste transporters?
  • What are the disposal prices they offer and how frequent are their services
  • Establish a written agreement or contract that clarifies your disposal requirements and your expectations-this might need to be signed by both primary and subcontractors or any other person in charge of dispatching waste.

Get proof

  • Get proof that your waste has been lawfully disposed of before paying the transporters
  • Stipulate the total amount of waste being disposed
  • The disposal location
  • And request a receipt of waste acceptance on site!

Be transparent with the EPA

Should you be concerned that a business/contractor/waste transporter is not following correct waste disposal protocol-notify the EPA immediately!

Should you wish to read the complete EPA guide, simply follow this link:


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