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The basics of construction recycling

28 October 2019

Construction by nature is not an eco-friendly process, yet we need to build and construct things in order for cities and communities to grow and progress. The best way around this is to make significant effort where possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by reusing and recycling second hand building materials.

C&D waste recycling is simply the separation and recycling or reuse of recoverable waste materials produced through construction and demolition. 

To begin the process, builders need to know which common waste materials can be reduced, reused or recycled. To make things easier, we’ve compiled an A-Z of materials guide. Use this to familiarise yourself with the different types of building materials that can be saved from construction waste streams.

With home renovation programs and recycling in general growing in popularity, many people and businesses are on the look out for salvaged goods and recycled materials that they can reuse in their home or business. Visit GreenHands’ marketplace to see the types of salvaged goods that are listed. Items that are proving to be particularly sought after include: plywood, lumber, hardwood flooring, bricks, windows, concrete, plumbing fixtures, antique doors and knobs, hinges, sinks, paneling, insulation, stairs and railings, asphalt roof tiles, moldings and baseboards, countertops. 

Once you have an understanding of the type of salvaged goods and waste materials that can be recovered, recycled and reused – you can make use of local businesses and services that specialise in the collection and disposal of unwanted items and materials from your C&D projects. Visit GreenHands’ business directory to view the waste facilities, building contractors and construction sites in your local area.

Imagine a construction site without waste? GreenHands’ marketplace was set up to help make this a reality. Our online marketplace makes it easier for you to sell (or give away) and source C&D waste materials, excavation materials and salvaged goods. 

At GreenHands we believe in 'A World Without Waste'. By working together, there’s plenty we can do to increase Australia’s recycling rates and decrease the amount of building and construction waste that ends up in landfills.

Discover more about the effects of landfill on the environment and our health.

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