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About us

At GreenHands we are passionate about the environment and recycling. Our vision is a world without waste.

Every year, almost 50% of recyclable materials end up in landfill. While community awareness and recycling rates have remained steady over the last few years, recycling efforts are not on a par with the overwhelmingly rapid rate of waste generation.

We believe there’s so much more we can do to increase our recycling rates and send less waste to landfill.

In particular, construction and demolition (C&D) waste accounts for 42% of the material that ends up in landfill. This presents a huge opportunity to invest in activities and new systems that enable the extraction and reuse of valuable resources from the excavation, demolition and construction waste streams, leading to improved environmental outcomes by reducing landfill.

To achieve this aim we have developed GreenHands. The first of its kind in Australia, GreenHands is an online marketplace for the reuse and recycling of excavation, construction and demolition waste materials.

Use GreenHands to find out who has or wants the recycled building materials and salvaged goods you need or want to dispose of in your local area – for free!

GreenHands also includes a directory of waste facilities, building contractors, construction sites, transporters, waste bins and plant hire and more...

In essence, GreenHands is a social enterprise established to promote and facilitate the reduction, reuse, and recycling of building materials and salvaged goods.

By actively decreasing the building and construction waste deposited to landfills and therefore the resources unnecessarily mined for primary consumption, we are helping to protect the environment and human health.

For more information about us, read The GreenHands Manifesto below.